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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am still here......well, kind of

Just thought I had better touch base with you guys........... I haven't been online much just lately, so I hope you have all been behaving yourselves! (yes, ALL of you lol) It is the school holidays here and we are off for a 5 day caravan holiday (see my blog for more-but not much more-details). I will catch up with you all when we get back. Annette-I am thinking of you-take the best care of yourself that you can- and keep an eye on Mel & Sooz while I am away ;)


  • At 7:13 AM, Blogger Annette said…

    Leonie I know you won't read this until you get home but i hope you are having a great time! I've been trying hard to keep my eye on Mel and Sooz but there has been a complication. Mel has scared Sooz so much that poor Sooz is stitching 24 hours a day. She sits there, hunched over in her seat, madly trying to finish VM, her DH handing her prethreaded needles in the vain hope that she will meet Miss Mels stitching goals. It's tragic I tell you, tragic. Havent seen her online for ages!


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