Sisters In Stitches

Friday, October 13, 2006


I took the Chatelaine & petal fairy to the local show for judging today. The show starts next week, so I will let you all know how I go. Have finished another page on the Dragon ( he is a big sucker) & have started the next page. Hope everyone is having a great stitching week!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

OK Mel

Fess up have a clone, right? To have finished all those projects-Santa's Magic, Firefly Fairies, and all that much of the draggie. Maybe there is something to this "don't start something until you've finished something else" gig. Shhhhhhh, don't tell Annette I said that, will you? ;)

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm Baa-aack!

Had a good time-was very windy for a day and a half, but nobody and nothing blew away (mainly because we dismantled Luke's tent before this could happen lol). I took my Patchwork Sampler with me-I needed something fairly straight forward to take-this is my project that I currently take with me to the Guild each week as I need something I can stitch when I talk. I did knit when I was away-I started & finished a pair of fingerless mittens for Caitlin-and she loves them-she would be sleeping with them if I had let her lol. I also worked on my Mongolian jumper-the front is almost done, so only 2 sleeves after that to be done. I am hoping to get some up-to-date WIP pics taken in the next day or so..........tomorrow I have to wash clothes, shop for food, and take Caitlin to/from a birthday party, but I might get a little spare time for that.

What is this with Sooz & knitting?? Or is she madly stitching on Villa? Or maybe she has started something new? much has been going on this last few days I have been away-BB meltdowns, the Yarn Harlot got married.........just 5 days and everything goes berserk.

Mel-I need pics. I need to see the framed pieces and the dragon. It is your duty-maybe if you think of it as convincing us to finish things, it might spur you on to post some pictures-it is easy I swear.

Annette-I will catch up with you soon-we need to gossip ;)

Have a great time

Leonie, have a wonderful time, what stitching are you taking with you???? I have temporarly lost Sooz the the knitting bug, but I know she will come back to me. On the flip side, I got Petal & a Mini chatelaine back from the framers & I will be entering them both in the local show. Making good progress on the dragon. Its easy to see progress when you only work on a couple of things at a time ( are you listening Netts???????????)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am still here......well, kind of

Just thought I had better touch base with you guys........... I haven't been online much just lately, so I hope you have all been behaving yourselves! (yes, ALL of you lol) It is the school holidays here and we are off for a 5 day caravan holiday (see my blog for more-but not much more-details). I will catch up with you all when we get back. Annette-I am thinking of you-take the best care of yourself that you can- and keep an eye on Mel & Sooz while I am away ;)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sooz, my little pumpkin!

Sooz, my little pumpkin! Look at the wonderful progress you have made on Villa Mirabillia! She looks divine. Now Sweetie, just one, tiny, little suggestion, you could of probably finished the crest on VM instead of blogging.......................

I think I have become a Stitch'n Wench

Wowzers! I have done some serious stitching these days. This is the kind of results one gets when Melly is riding your a$$. I am so glad I could step in and give Annie some relief from the Stitch'n Slavedriver. I have been stitching so much I have a hole in my finger, me naughty finger that is...hehe. The little bugger is sore too, but I must press on because that is what an ort fed stitching wench must do. Hope this pleases you greatly High Priestess Of The Smoke'n Needles

Waiting For Ships in the Loo

You said you wanted to see my Waiting For Ships so here it is darling. Does this make you even more excited to start Queen Mermaid? Here is documented proof that a mermie can live in the bathroom. I know you find this most astonishing Annie but look how good she looks in there. Now I just need Queenie to move in there with her.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Melly you are busted!

Now you have told me that Annie is always instructing you about what you will be stitching next. Me thinks it tis the other way round! I had a delightful little conversation with Annie this day. It seems you told her she could choose the next design to stitch after Fairy Moon and before she could draw breath to say what one she wanted to do you blurted out Crystal Christmas!

What do you think ladies? Does this suit her? The new nickname I have for her?

Mirabilia Manipulating Melly........Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off!

Ta Daaaaaaa!

Here I am, better late than never I suppose. Lovely looking blog girls with some very nice piccies. Sooz, Villa Mirabilia looks stunning and I think the mermaids floss toss looks pretty good too. Lovely start on your Celtic lady there Leonie! Has Mel already told you that my *choice* ( and iI do use the word choice rather loosely) was Crystal Christmas? Leonie? Are you joining us on that one?
Speaking of leonie...she has very cleverly worked out what my mystery WIP is. No Mel, it isnt Bunny On The Path. Would a piccy of a large amount of stitches that amounts to a depressingly small amount of chart covered, help in identification?

There you go...knock yourselves out!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Celtic Autumn

Here is a pic of what I have done so far........I am doing the original colours with the Needlepaints, as I love purple!! It is stitched on Stitches and Spice Jobelan 28ct- colour Tundra.

Please excuse the picture-it is draped over the washing line outside lol.

Sooz, your Villa is looking just lovely-it must be fun to stitch with all those bright colours. The floss toss is looking great too-I take it that you found all the bits and pieces you were looking for.

Mel, I think we need a picture (or two) from you-anything will do. I can give you some help to post, but really it is pretty easy!

Latest news-Annette has a Mystery WIP. Since she can't use her srcoll rods/frame at the moment, she has started something the hints she gave me were

  1. it's a HAED
  2. it has 50 colours
  3. it's not a huge one but not a QS
  4. it may not have 939 (she's not sure so if it has some, it's a small amount)
  5. she has so far done 80 stitches or so in brown BUT she didn't start at the botton left as usual.......

I have no idea what it might be-I will have to have a browse to see if I can guess..........

Queen Mermaid Floss Toss

I thought you ladies might like to take a peek at my fabbie and how it shall look with Queenie. The fabbie is SMF Atlantis. The pic is not that great but I am hoping you get the general idea. Oh and in case you were wondering about the fabbie on my previous post for VM it is SMF Golden Turret. I do hope we shall see a pic of your Floss Toss Melly as soon as you get your fabbie. Queenie is now kitted up and ready to go! I realize you are about a month off but it is always best for a stitcher to be well prepared. I am telling you she is going to be absolutely stunning! I am really getting geeked about starting her. Don't worry Melly, I shall finish VM first! Leonie, I know you are thinking about Celtic Autumn, could we have a pic of her? ....and yes, I know that could change....LOL. Annie if you read this darl'n you are in my deepest thoughts and my prayers, I am pretty tight with The Man upstairs. You shall be feeling better before you know it. Later my Aussie dolls!