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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Queen Mermaid Floss Toss

I thought you ladies might like to take a peek at my fabbie and how it shall look with Queenie. The fabbie is SMF Atlantis. The pic is not that great but I am hoping you get the general idea. Oh and in case you were wondering about the fabbie on my previous post for VM it is SMF Golden Turret. I do hope we shall see a pic of your Floss Toss Melly as soon as you get your fabbie. Queenie is now kitted up and ready to go! I realize you are about a month off but it is always best for a stitcher to be well prepared. I am telling you she is going to be absolutely stunning! I am really getting geeked about starting her. Don't worry Melly, I shall finish VM first! Leonie, I know you are thinking about Celtic Autumn, could we have a pic of her? ....and yes, I know that could change....LOL. Annie if you read this darl'n you are in my deepest thoughts and my prayers, I am pretty tight with The Man upstairs. You shall be feeling better before you know it. Later my Aussie dolls!


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