Sisters In Stitches

Thursday, September 07, 2006

And so it begins....

First things first, thanks Leonie for setting this up and managing it. What an awesome idea! Love the links by the way. Would you mind adding I guess I am the token yankee...LOL. Now I guess I should get down to official sistah business. Leonie, I know you are not interested in Queen Mermaid so I am curious as to what your project will be. Got any ideas? Or, do you know exactly what you want to stitch?

For our blog would you ladies mind if we all picked a color and typed our message in that. I was thinking that would be easier for us to know whose entry we were reading in our blog. I have chosen orange to see how that looks displayed on the blog. I have the day off tomorrow and plan to get a lot of stitching in. The skirt is coming along rather nicely.

Okay ladies I am waiting to see your posts!


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